• Cherokee High School Language Clubs
    Latin Club


    See Ms. Atmore or Mr. Underwood for more information.

    Russian Club

    The Russian Club welcomes all students interested in the Russian language and culture.  Through participation in after school activities and field trips, it is hoped that students will experience a profound understanding about the Russian nation, the Russian people, and the Russian soul. 


    Note:  Students do not have to be enrolled in Russian language courses to join. 


    See Mrs. Barnum for more information.

    French Club


    See Mrs. Johnson or Ms. Witzig for more information.


    German Club


    See Mrs. Hofmann for more information.


    Italian Club
    The Italian Club is open to all students currently studying Italian or who have an interest in Italian. See Mrs. Gutierrez for more information.
    Spanish Club
    See Ms. Ratcliffe or Mrs. Johnson for more information.