The Cherokee Technology Honor Society (CTHS) is a school organization that recognizes high achieving students in the areas of Technology, Business, and Family and Consumer Sciences.


    To be eligible for induction you must meet the following criterion:

    • Be a junior or a senior
    • Have earned an “A” as your final grade in at least three of the vocational courses listed below.  If you are currently enrolled in one of the courses listed below and received an “A” for the 1st semester that will count towards the three- course requirement. 
    • Must be a student in “Good Standing”
      • Must be on credit status
      • Do not have 3 or more suspensions in any given junior or senior year
      • No academic suspensions as plagiarism, cheating on a major exam, etc.
    • Must attend the night of the ceremony to be inducted into CTHS and be recognized.

    Technology Courses: 

    Automotive Tech., Architectural Design, TV Broadcasting I, TV Broadcasting II, TV Broadcasting III, Drafting and Design I, Drafting and Design II, Electronics Tech. I, Electronics Tech. II, Engineering Design, Home Improvement/Car Care, Tech in Music, Photo I, Photo II, Photo III, Tech. Today, Wood I, Wood II, Wood III, Wood IV, Introduction to Engineering Design, Digital Electronics, Principles of Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Engineering Design and Development

    Business Courses:  

    Accounting I, Accounting II, Accounting III, Accounting IV, Animation and Interactive Web Design, Computer Applications, Personal Finance, Employment Strategies, Entrepreneurship, Graphic Presentations, Intro to Business, Sales and Marketing, Sports Entertainment Marketing, Study Skills and Career Awareness, Web Design

    FCS Courses: 

    Fashion & Clothing I, Fashion and Clothing II, Fashion and Clothing III, Foods & Nutrition I, Foods & Nutrition II, Foods & Nutrition III, Interior Design, Life Skills, Intro. to FCS, Child Development I, Child Development II


    If you meet the requirements listed above click on the following link and fill out the CTHS online application:


    Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, March 1st

    If you have any questions please contact Mr. DiNatale or Mrs. Bucci