• French Club


    Advisor: Andrea Mangold 

    The French Club is an organization dedicated to enriching students' understanding and appreciation of the French language and culture.

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    German Club


    Advisor: Evagelia Lyras

    The German Club is an extension of the classroom promoting the exploration of German culture. One of the most popular highlights is the sampling of German cuisine by cooking and consuming various German culinary delights. Other activities include Niklausabend, Oktoberfest, Declamation Contest, Filmabend and trips to local operas and plays. At least one charity event per year is planned.

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    Italian Club


    Advisor: Dave Master

     The Italian Club allows students to take language learning out of the classroom to continue to experience the Italian culture. Guest speakers, food sampling trips to restaurants, and visits to museums and theatres further enrich this cultural experience.

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    Latin Club


    Advisor: Brenna Atmore

    The Latin Club aims to promote all elements of the ancient Roman culture at Shawnee High School. Activities include mythology tournaments, annual saturnalia banquets, toga making and an afternoon film series among other activities. The club meets every other week and you need not be a Latin student to join.

    Spanish Club


    Advisor: Cindy Gallimore

    The Spanish Club is a cultural experience into the Spanish speaking world. Experience music, dance, food and conversation.

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