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Summer AP Assignments
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                                                                   Mrs. Lorna A. Fairess
                                                Assistant Principal, Supervisor of Instruction
                                                      BS Education Old Dominion University 
                                    MA English Rutgers University 


English Department Teachers 
                       Casey  Mr. Mike Casey 

  Rutgers University 


Mrs. Amy Felix
Rider University
B.A. English
M.A. Education
Griffin  Ms. Lora Griffin
University of Delaware 
B.A. English w/ Teaching Concentration 
Wilmington University
M.A. School Counseling
Holcombe Mrs. Danielle Holcombe
Rowan University
B.A. English
M.A. Secondary Education
Mr. Randy Latini
 Monmouth University
B.A. Communication 
Arts and Education
Ms. Sue Meimbresse
B.A. English/Secondary Education
 Ms. Angela Miller
Rutgers University
B.A. English
M.A. English Writing Studies
 Mr. Timothy Moran
Montclair State University
B.A. English
 Mr. Jon Posch
Rutgers University
B.A. English w/ Creative Writing and Poetry Focus
Mr. Rob Rinier
Rutgers University
Marygrove College
Schliep   Mrs. Susie Schliep
Rowan University
B.A. English w/ Secondary Education Concentration
 Mrs. Janet Takemoto
Rowan University
B.A. English and Elementary Education
Clarion University
Master of Library and Information Science

Mr. Nik Tama
Dept. Coordinator
Gettysburg College
B.A. English w/ Writing Concentration

Mr. Michael Vogel
Glassboro State University
B.A. Journalism and Communications 
Rowan University
M.A. English
English Course Descriptions 
Ninth grade students are required to pass English I. Tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade students are required to pass English II, English III and English IV and may take semesterized courses in addition to those courses. NJ Common Core Standards are addressed in all English courses. Summer reading is required in all full-year courses. 
English I HON, ACC, CP, MOD
English I is taught using the Reading/Writing Workshop model. Half of each week is spent on writing 
instruction, while the other half is dedicated to the study of literature—short stories, the novel, drama and 
poetry, as well as non-fiction. Students are introduced to several writing modes, including research. 
Independent reading is required throughout the year. As students write more extensively, they become more 
critical readers, and as they read more, they learn to identify and incorporate the tools of master writers. 
English II HON, ACC, CP, MOD
Focuses on American Literature: short stories, poems, essays, plays, and novels, and includes authors from the colonial period through the 21st Century. Additional study will include writing, research, speaking, vocabulary, and discussion. 
This course is currently under revision. Upon Board approval the description of the course will be modified to align with the revised curriculum and current New Jersey Core and Common Core Standards. 
*AP English Language 
 and Composition HON 
Offered by invitation only to juniors who display special ability in English, this course allows students to write 
in many forms - narrative, exploratory, expository, and argumentative - on many different subjects from 
personal experiences to public policies, from imaginative literature to popular culture. Offered by invitation 
only to juniors who display special ability in English. Equivalent to a first year college course, students taking 
this course will be prepared to take the College Board's Advanced Placement test in Language and 
Composition. Students may receive college credit or advanced standing depending upon their test scores and 
individual college policy. *Offered as BCC Cap Course.
English III  ACC, CP, MOD
Focuses on British Literature: short stories, poems, plays, essays, and novels, stressing all the language skills in reading and writing as well as critical thinking and listening. Periods studied range from the Anglo-Saxons to the 21st Century. The work in this course will involve lecture, composition, research, oral presentations, vocabulary, SAT preparation and special projects. 
*AP English Literature 
 and Composition HON 
Offered by invitation only to seniors who display special ability in English. Equivalent to a first year college 
English course, students taking this course will be prepared to take the College Board's Advanced Placement 
Test in Literature and Composition. Students may receive college credit or advanced standing depending upon 
their test scores and individual college policy. *Offered as BCC Cap Course.
English IV ACC, CP, MOD
Focuses on World Literature and builds on language skills previously developed. Emphasis is on literature as a reflection of the culture that produced it. This course continues to stress writing, critical thinking, and vocabulary. 
English I, II, III, IV PR
Emphasis is on remediation of weaknesses in reading, writing, and vocabulary development. At all levels, 
students will develop and learn to apply skills to "real life" situations. Available through the Child Study Team. 
Individual Studies I PR
Designed for students in need of individualized or small group instruction in study skills. Areas of study 
include note-taking, outlining, test taking skills, organization, listening skills, following directions, and use of 
technology to complete research. Students will begin self-advocacy portfolios to provide insight and reflection 
about their learning styles and personality traits. These students will also receive support in their academic 
classes. Available through the Child Study Team.
Individual Studies II PR
Focuses on self-advocacy, communication and appropriate social interaction. Continuation of advanced study 
skills as well as English and math preparation. Students will explore post-secondary interests and 
continue to expand upon their self-advocacy portfolios. These students will also receive support in their 
academic classes. Available through the Child Study Team.
Individual Studies III PR
Includes career exploration and post-secondary preparation, civic duties, life skills and SAT prep, 
when appropriate. Emphasis will be placed on making the transition from high school meaningful and 
successful. These students will also receive support for their academic classes. Available through the Child 
Study Team.
Reading PR
Designed for students in need of individual, small group, and direct instruction in the area of reading. Individualized instructional approaches are utilized based on the identified needs of the students. Available through the Child Study Team.
Creative Writing ACC
Designed for students who like to write and wish to learn more about how to express themselves imaginatively in the short story, the poem, and the one-act play. In addition to the study of particular literary devices and techniques, there is much reading and keeping of personal journals as sources of ideas. Students are encouraged to submit their work in contests and in publications. A command of basic writing skills is necessary. 
Mythology ACC
Concentrates on various world mythologies demonstrating universal archetypes and themes. These themes are reviewed and discussed through various readings as well as writing and speaking assignments. Works will include worldwide multi-cultural myths as well as classical mythologies. 
Public Speaking ACC
Helps students acquire confidence and poise before an audience. Emphasis is on organization, structure, 
research, and delivery of speeches. Techniques for effective speaking are stressed. Students are encouraged to develop original thoughts into effective public messages. 
Prepares students for the verbal and math sections of the SAT. Nine weeks will be spent on verbal and nine 
weeks on math. The critical reading, writing, vocabulary, and logical reasoning skills needed on the SAT will 
be addressed. Specific test-taking strategies for the SAT will also be presented. Completing this course is in no way a guarantee of desired results on the SAT. Open to second semester sophomores, all juniors, and first semester seniors. Credits will not count toward English or Math requirements for graduation. Students will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Students will complete a portfolio of practice tests, work samples, and skill sets 
which will be assessed by the instructor using a pre-established rubric. This is a pass/fail course. 
English as a Second Language (ESL) 
The three year program of study presented by the Lenape District is designed to meet the needs of all students whose first language is not English and who qualify as limited English proficient according to state guidelines. 
An introduction to the phonetic and grammatical construction of the English language. All activities are 
centered around improving listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. Emphasis is on students becoming 
communicative and able to function in everyday situations. If it is determined that the student needs two 
periods of English a day, 10 credits can be obtained by taking ESL I as a high intensity course. 
Builds on knowledge acquired either in ESL I or background experience. Techniques will be practiced to 
improve reading comprehension, speaking skills through directed conversation, listening skills through audio 
materials, and writing short paragraphs. 
Advanced ESL addresses the needs of those students who are competent enough in English to excel at high 
content level courses but have not passed state guidelines to be exited from ESL. Much emphasis is placed on 
writing and some literature is read. Final exiting from the program will be individually based using tools 
recommended by state requirements. 



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