• Scholarships 2023-2024 (Sponsors only, not for senior students)
    If you are interested in sponsoring or donating a scholarship to the Shawnee 2024 Senior class to be awarded at graduation in June 2024, please click on the link below and fill out the Google form by 1/29/2024. Thank you in advance for your continued support of our Shawnee Senior students!
    Scholarships 2023-2024 (Senior Students only)
    The General Application for Local Scholarships will be available online (link below) from February 1, 2024 until February 29, 2024.These scholarships are awarded by various local and school-affiliated organizations.  Students are notified at graduation unless the awarding organization notifies the recipient(s) at an earlier date.  Graduating Seniors should strongly consider completing the online application by its due date. Any late applications will not be considered. Additional local scholarships that have their own paper application or essay requirements will be available lower on this page under the heading Local Scholarships. These applications must be filled out in addition to the General Application for Local Scholarships if you want to be considered. Please check the applications for specific requirements and eligibility.  If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Zechman  in the Counseling Center.

    Online Local Scholarship Application (Opens 2/1)

    Click HERE


    Local Scholarships 
    Fish In Peace, In Loving Memory of Ryan Jastrzembski (posted 2/8/24)
    Awarding $1000 to a senior with good grades, adventurous and planning to attend a trade/vocational school or college. For application, answer all 3 of the following questions and email to jzechman@lrhsd.org Deadline 3/1/24
    1. What is your GPA?
    2. Describe a time when you overcame adversity
    3. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Medford Lakes Garden Club (posted 2/2/24)
    Awarding 2 $1000 scholarships to seniors who meet criteria. Deadline 4/5/24.  Turn applications into Mrs. Zechman in the Counseling center.  For application, click here and here
    Lenape District Support Staff Tradesman Scholarship (posted 1/25/24)
    Awarding $500-$1000 to a seniors attending a trade/technical school.  To apply, send an email to jacqr1224@aol.com and answer the following questions:
     Why did you choose that specific trade and why did you choose that specific trade school?  Deadline is 3/1/24
    The Woman's Club of Medford Alice Mietz Award (posted 1/23/24)
    Awarding $1000 to a senior female.  Deadline 3/15/24.  For application, click here
    Anthony Telesca Foundation Scholarship (posted 1/23/24)
    Awarding $500 to senior students who are committed to safe driving.  In 150 words or less, tell us how you practice safe driving or how you encourage others to practice safe driving.  Deadline 3/1/24.  Email essay to jzechman@lrhsd.org
    Medford Lakes Education Foundation (posted 1/23/24)
    Awarding $1000 to a senior that attended Neeta school and answers the following essay.  In 250 words or less, tell us how your Neeta education helped prepare you for high school. Deadline is 3/1/24.  Email essay to mlef.edu@gmail.com
    Class of 2018 Renegade Service Scholarship (posted 1/23/24)
    Awarding a senior student who has contributed to the Class of 2024 by answering the following short essay.  In 100 words or less, tell us how you have done service for the graduating class or school.  Deadline is 3/1/24.  Email essay to jzechman@lrhsd.org
    Barbara Fowler Scholarship/Binkley's 5 & 10 (posted 1/22/24)
    Awarding  $1000 to a senior who writes a 200-300 word response to the following essay below. Deadline is 3/1/24.  Email responses to: binkleystore@gmail.com 
    Essay: Tell us about a contribution you have made to your community or school. 
    Nicole Spirit Memorial Scholarship award (posted 1/18/24)
    Awarding 2 $300 awards to seniors planning to pursue Biology or Animal Science. For application, answer one of the following essay questions and email it to nicolespiritscholarship@gmail.com  Deadline is 3/1/24. 
     #1 Essay question of 250-500 words, for Biology student

    The biggest issues of biology today are Health and disease, sustainable food and fuel. Choose one and discuss how biological research is used in helping to make a positive change for our future.


    #2 Essay question of 250-500 words
    , for Animal science/Biology student

    We can see the effects of climate change with our weather. How will climate change effect animals, insects and what is the anticipated outcome for the future if this trend continues. Provide some data to support your hypothesis. 
    MYAA College Scholarship (posted 1/17/24)
    Awarding $1000 to a male and female college bound senior who participated in MYAA sports.  Deadline is 3/1/24. For application, click here
    The Andrea Esposito Scholarship (posted 1/12/24)
    Awarding a senior who has attended Medford Township Schools, is a classified student in special education and has at least a "C" or better.  Must be attending a post secondary college, junior college or occupational training center. Deadline 4/8/24.  For application, click here
    Matthew J. D'Amico Memorial Foundation award (posted 1/12/24)
    Awarding $1000 to students with at least a 3.0 GPA, attending a 4 year college, involved in clubs and extracurriculars. Deadline is 4/3/24.  For application,click here
    J Reynolds Custom Home and Renovations Scholarship (posted 1/12/24)
    Awarding $1000 to a Medford or Medford Lakes student pursing a construction trade or craft.  Deadline is 3/15/24.  For application, click here
    Marketa McCabe Scholarship (posted 1/10/24)
    Awarding $1000 to a female pursing a degree in engineering or environmental studies.  Deadline 3/15/24.  For application, visit: https://marketasjourney.org/shawnee-app
    3 Dimensional Physical Therapy Scholarship posted (1/9/24)
    Awarding $500 to a student planning to pursue a major in Physical Therapy.  Deadline is 4/1/24.  For application, click here
    Dr. David Lazovitz Performing and Visual Arts Scholarship (Posted 1/9/24)
    Awarding $1000 to a senior pursuing a major in the performing arts. Deadline is 3/15/24.  For application, visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUgRKivJv2k8nTSbDNMBXAwrY2WuLVjNKCXBujS0PBQzaDeQ/viewform
    Nicholas Sayles Memorial Scholarship (posted 12/19/23)
    Awarding a senior who plans to major in Law or Pre-Med.  Deadline is 3/15/23. Email applications to jodyann177@gmail.com.  For application, click HERE
    Pinelands Garden Club of Medford (posted 12/18/23)
    Medford Education Association Scholarship (posted 12/11/23)
    Awarding seniors who attended Medford schools for at least 5 years.  Deadline is 3/1/23. Email application to rcardenas@medfordschools.net  For application, visit https://medfordea.org/

    LDTV scholarship (posted 12/4/23)

    Awarding seniors who have participated in LDTV.  For application, click link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSegQzXFKkBrcDbJaGwh1a4W_IULR7ZsGTHOwWtwZzfhWeopZg/viewform

    Ronald S. and Kathleen Murphy Scholarship (posted 2/15/24)

    Awarding $2500 to senior students attending a LRHSD school.  Deadline is 4/15/24.  For application, click here

    South Jersey Bass Club Association Scholarship (posted 2/22/24)

    Awarding $500 to a senior planning to pursue a career in fisheries management, environmental science or related fields that benefit fisherman.  Deadline 5/1/24.  For application visit http://www.sjbca.org/scholguid.htm

    ETS Cares Scholarship (posted 2/14/24)

    Awarding seniors who meet specific criteria.  Deadline 3/15/24.  For an application, click here

    The Links Incorporated Rancocas Valley Chapter (posted 2/13/14)

    Awarding seniors with African American descent.  Deadline is 4/5/24.  For application, visit https://www.rancocasvalleylinks.org/scholarships

    Burlington County Board of Agriculture Scholarship (posted 2/5/24)

    Awarding seniors who meet criteria.  Deadline 4/15/24.  For application, click here

    Burlington County Retirees' Education Association Award and NJ Retirees' Education award (posted 1/17/24)

    Awarding seniors who are graduating from a Burlington County School and who plan to pursue a post secondary college or vocational school. Deadline is 3/22/24.  For applications, click here and here

    Rancocas Valley Scholarship Fund (posted 1/5/24)

    Awarding African American female students with community service, scholastic achievement and leadership qualities. Deadline 3/15/24 Visit https://dstrvac.org/scholarship/

    Christian Jackson Scholarhip (posted 11/3/23)

    Awarding $5000 to eligible seniors.  For application, visit www.creativechangeinc.org/scholarships

    GCNJ Scholarship Award (posted 12/11/23)

    Awarding seniors who plan to major in a field related to the environment.  Deadline 1/15/23.  For application, visit www.gardenclubofnewjersey.org.

    Garden State Chorale (posted 11/7/23)

    Awarding a scholarship to a senior planning to pursue vocal music or music education.  Deadline 3/15/24.  For application, visit https://forms.gle/i1XbwZcdvv77R9wRA

    Horatio Alger Association Scholarship  (posted 11/27/23)

    Awarding scholarship to senior or junior who has overcome adversity. Deadline is 3/15/24. For application, visit https://horatioalger.org/scholarships.

    The Volunteer Center of South Jersey (posted 12/11/23)

    For application, visit https://sjvolunteers.org/scholarship/

    NJ Chapter of National Association of Water Companies Scholarship (posted 12/19/23)

    Awarding $5000 to students majoring in the water utility industry or related field such as environmental science, biology, chemistry, accounting, finance, etc.  Deadline 3/15/23.  For application, visit https://nawc.org/about-us/chapters/#new-jersey





    National Scholarships

    Amazon Future Engineers Scholarships (posted 11/20/23)

    Awarding up to $10000 to seniors planning to major in STEM, Computer Science, etc. Deadline 12/15/23.  For application, visit: https://www.amazonfutureengineer.com/scholarships

    Free Scholarship searches



    UNCF scholarships

    Awarding to seniors in minority groups who plan to attend a 2 or 4 year college.  For application visit: https://uncf.org/scholarships

    Guaranteed College Scholarship List
    Equitable Excellence Scholarship
    Awarding $5000 to a senior planning to attend a 2 or 4 year school.  For application, visit learnmore.scholarshipapply.org/equitableexcellence  Deadline is 12/18/23

    Rancocas Valley Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc

    Scholarship opportunities for female minority seniors residing in Burlington County. For application, visit Https://dstrvac.org/

    Rolling Thunder Scholarship

    Awarding 3 $1000 scholarships for children of military member, veteran or fallen soldier.  For application, visit www.rollingthunder-nj2.org

    McDaniel College Legacy Scholarship