Control is the key

    Control x x

    TD TD touchdown

    QB we want a TD

    Renegades, Renegades, 1st and 10

    Move that ball across that line

    Move it, down the field

    Offense you can do it

    Score Renegades, 6 points more

    Touchdown, go blue go white

    Touch D-O-W-N

    Get a 1st down, get a touchdown

    Take it to the goal, score 6

    MO-VE, move that ball to victory

    Push through

    Come on big blue score, Renegades 6 more

    Move it, down the field, fight Shawnee fight

    S-C-O-R-E score Shawnee score




    Hold 'em

    Knock 'em down, roll 'em around

    Let's go blue, let's go white, come on Shawnee let's fight (ripple)

    We get down in every situation

    TA-KE, take that ball away

    Push 'em back, take 'em down, defense

    Renegades attack, sack that quarterback

    Defense hold that line, Renegades one more time

    Defense, get tough, get tough




    Stomp and scream

    Shawnee how I love you

    We are the best team


    Let's go Shawnee you can do it


    GG-OO, GGOO, let's go

    S-P-I-R-I-T spirit

    Go blue, go white

    Let's go Shawnee High

    Hey, hey you, you know what to do

    Shawnee, let's fight, win tonight

    Hey, hey, what do you say

    Blue and white let's go

    Come on, Shaw-nee, let's go Renegades

    SHS x x x SHS

    G-G-O-O go big blue

    x go x fight x win Shawnee win


Last Modified on May 14, 2019