Shawnee High School
    Athletic Hall of Fame
    Welcome to the Shawnee High School's Athletic Hall of Fame!  The Shawnee Athletic Hall of Fame has been created to honor former athletes, coaches, and contributors to athletics, who have brought recognition to themselves and to Shawnee High School either through their athletic excellence, coaching achievement, or their dedication to athletics in the school community.
    Shawnee High School holds an induction ceremony every five (5) years with the most recent induction occuring on September 22, 2023.  The upcoming Hall of Fame Inductions will take place in the years 2028 and 2033.
    Please visit the links to the left to view inductee biographies!  If you know of any athlete whom you would like to nominate for the next Hall of Fame committee consideration and review, please contact Rich Dodd, Shawnee High School Athletics Director, at rdodd@lrhsd.org.

Hall of Fame Honorees

Name Induction Category
Chris LaPierre 2023 Athlete
Debbie DeJong 2023 Athlete
Edmund G. Loges, III 2023 Athlete
Heather Bryan Capuzzi 2023 Athlete
John C. Rath 2023 Athlete
Kathy Todd Reimet 2023 Athlete
Lindsey Gehris Fleischhauer 2023 Athlete
Stephen King 2023 Athlete
Gina Gribaudo Santone 2023 Athlete & Coach
Michael Matthews 2023 Contributor
Brian Earl 2018 Athlete
Cathy Reynolds 2018 Athlete
Gregg Rakoczy 2018 Athlete
Holly McGarvie Reilly 2018 Athlete
Jamie Franks 2018 Athlete
Lynlee Phillips 2018 Athlete
Malik Allen 2018 Athlete
Sean Doolittle 2018 Athlete
Susan Rudderow Murphy 2018 Coach
Richard "Dick" Brown 2018 Contributor
Amy Giello Kleine 2013 Athlete
Glenn Smith 2013 Athlete
Jodie Taylor 2013 Athlete
Kirk Luchman 2013 Athlete
Kristine Tate 2013 Athlete