• STATE TSA COMPEITION - April 16, 2016 at The College of new Jersey

     Events are subject to yearly changes
    skirk.lrhsd.org for yearly event rules 
    Competitions: will be chosen in November.
    There are three types of competitions, on-site, pre-conference, and static. 
    On-Site: actual competition takes place at the designated location.  Some competitions can have work done in advance.
    Pre-Conference: 100% of the project is to be done in advance and will be judged before the day of the competition (you will not find out the results till the awards that day). 
    Static:  100% of the project is done in advance but is not brought to the competition till the day of the competition.










    Career Comparisons


    Architectural Model


    Biotechnology Design

    (formerly Agriculture & Biotechnology Design)


    Computer-Aided Design (CAD), 2D, Architecture


    Manufacturing Prototype


    Chapter Team


    Computer-Aided Design (CAD),

    3D, Engineering


    System Control Technology


    Construction Renovation (on site)



    Desktop Publishing (pre conference)


    Debating Technological Issues


    Digital Video Production

    (formerly Film )


    Engineering Design


    Dragster Design


    Essays on Technology


    Fashion Design


    Extemporaneous Speech

    (formerly Extemporaneous Presentation)


    Future Technology Teacher


    Flight Endurance


    Music Production


    Prepared Presentation


    On Demand Video


    Structural Engineering


    Photographic Technology

    (formerly Imaging Technology)


    Technical Sketching and Application


    Promotional Graphics


    Technology Bowl




    Technology Problem Solving


    Transportation Modeling


    VEX Robotics



    Video Game Design

    (formerly Electronic Game Design)


    Webmaster (pre conference)

    (formerly Cyberspace Pursuit)


    Dress Code
    • Business-like attire is considered to minimally include:
      1. collared shirt/blouse
      2. long pants (no shorts or jeans)
      3. dresses/skirts
      4. socks/hosiery
      5. appropriate footwear
      6. The official NJ TSA Golf Shirt may be substituted for a collared shirt/blouse.
    • Official TSA attire:
      1. Blazer: navy blue with TSA patch
      2. Ties/Scarves: scarlet red
      3. Shirt or Blouse: white with collar
      4. Slacks or Skirt: light gray
      5. Shoes: black dress shoes
      6. Socks: black or nylon hosiery