• NHS Application 2022 (click here)

    You are required to make sure all your papers stay together, we suggest placing the application in a folder or large envelope (no small envelopes, do not fold the papers). Please do not staple the application. 


    NHS Intent to Apply & Meeting Attendance


    There is a mandatory meeting on October 24th during lunch and learn, the meeting will run twice, it is not an excuse to miss labs (meeting moved from 10/21 due to Mrs. Kirk being sick).  The NHS application is due by November 7 at 7:20 am, the application must be brought to A103 and delivered by hand to ONLY Mrs. Kirk.  Applications put in Mrs. Kirk's mailbox, or given to any other teacher will not be accepted.


    • The NHS Committee will be reviewing the applications during the week of November 14th, we anticipate NHS acceptance and denial letters to go out via email by November 24th. 

    • NHS induction will take place in person on December 6th in the Auditorium.  Information about induction will be included in the acceptance letters. 



    Click here to view the SHAWNEE NHS APPLICATION 2021, the direct url is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ya3aLvQYBXjNsCir_xeVcE9rQZ5iDsQe/view?usp=sharing