4-15-24 Action Needed Now

  • LRHSD Students, Parents/Guardians and Staff,
    Your action is needed!
    The Senate has not (yet) moved on a bill which would help restore most of the state aid that is slated to be cut from LRHSD and 140 other school districts. Last week, the Assembly put forth Bill A4161 for full approval. The Assembly acted with the sense of urgency we need, as statutory deadlines to hold public hearings on the budget and renew staff are quickly approaching. Their swift actions are proof that our advocacy is working! 
    Now it is time for the Senate to act expeditiously to move their version of the bill (S3081) forward.  The LRHSD has partnered with Save Our Schools NJ since 2018, and they have provided a simple solution for you to take action. Visit Save Our Schools NJ to send an email to all key senators. The entire process takes less than thirty seconds to complete. 
    The message below will be generated without the need to copy and paste. It can be sent without edits or modified to add your own comments. All key senators will receive the message upon clicking “Send Letter” found at the bottom of the page. 
    Remember, LRHSD Family, this is a legislative issue, and legislative issues require your activism.
    Dr. Carol L. Birnbohm
    Superintendent of Schools
    Lenape Regional High School District

    Auto-generated message:

    I'm contacting you today to urge your immediate action regarding bill S3081. It is imperative that this bill be posted to the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee without delay. Time is of the essence for school districts and the impact of this bill cannot be overstated.
    Per New Jersey statute, school districts’ budgets must be passed on May 7th and staff MUST receive notifications about their employment status by May 15th. Without a sufficient funding solution to obtain the necessary revenue, 146 districts face massive staff layoffs, diminished student support and security, cuts to athletics, and increased fees for families already struggling financially.
    I urge you to act today to prioritize the posting of bill S3081 to the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee. Your support in this matter is vital to the well-being and future success of our children in all of the S2 districts.