The Shawnee High School Business Honor Society (SBHS)

    Shawnee Business Honor Society Logo


    SBHS is an organization recognizing high-achieving students in the area of business education.  


    Any high school student who has completed or is currently enrolled in their third business course and has earned an “A” as the final grade in each is eligible.  If they are currently enrolled in a third business class, they will need to earn an “A” for the first-semester grade.


    Business education courses at Shawnee include:

    • Accounting I

    • Accounting II

    • Accounting III

    • Accounting IV

    • Animation and Interactive Web Design

    • Business Communications and Applications (Formerly Computer Applications)

    • Business Law

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Graphic Presentations or Exploring Graphic Presentations

    • Introduction to Business or Exploring Introduction to Business

    • Personal Finance

    • Sales and Marketing

    • Sports, Entertainment, and Hospitality Marketing

    • Study Skills and Career Awareness

    • Web Design or Exploring Web Design

    Additional requirements are:

    • Must be on credit status.

    • No more than one suspension during their time at Shawnee.  Suspensions due to tardiness to school will not count against them. 

    • No academic suspensions, such as plagiarism, cheating on a major exam, etc. 

    • Must attend the night of the SBHS induction ceremony, which will be held in March.  

    Once the student is established as a member of SBHS, they are expected to uphold the requirements above.  Violation of any of these requirements may result in their removal from SBHS.