Leadership Development Requirements (LDRs)

    The Color Guard, Drill Team and Raider Team are after-school extra-curricular activities that are optional for any Seneca AFJROTC cadet. The Color Guard presents the State and American flag at various events, including home football varsity games. The Drill Team is a group of cadets performing competitive drill sequences against other JROTCs in formation. The Raider Team practices athletics and attends Raider Team Competitions to challenge cadets to push themselves and improve their athletic abilities.
    • Drill Team events bring out the best in our Drill and Ceremonies Team students. With highly demanding attention-to-detail, these students are hand-picked to display their skills. Practicing on nearly a daily basis, the rewards are invaluable as students develop leadership skills, self-esteem, and a sense of unparalleled camaraderie and teamwork.


    • Our Color Guard Teams serve as school ambassadors in the Tabernacle, Southampton, and Shamong communities.  Whether raising or lowering the campus flag daily, or presenting the colors at nearly 75 school and community events each year, students learn respect and discipline while feeling a sense of patriotic pride. AFJROTC students at all grade levels are eligible to participate on the Color Guard Team. 


    • The Raider Team is a competitive physical fitness team that encourages good health and pushes the boundaries for both mental and physical abilities. The Raider team practices regularly and sets the standard for physical fitness in AFJROTC.