•    Spirit Week

    Spirit Week is a themed dress-up week for the entire school.  Monday-Thursday have different themes and Friday hosts the main theme for the week.  In the 2021-22 year, each class represented a genre of music.  The hallway is assigned to each class to decorate with this main theme.  The grade with the most participation each day will win points.
    Each class is in competition with one another to be the Spirit Week Champion.  Competitions take place during Lunch and Learn throughout the week.  One challenge lasting all week long is the canned food drive.  The class with the most cans brought in will win that competition.  During the week, classes will also create a project to present at the Pep Rally on Friday.
    Here are some pictures from our past Spirit Week:
    Spirit Week
    Behind the Scenes:
    Student Council organizes Spirit Week by voting on the themes for the week and leading the games for each day.  All StuCo members are expected to fully participate in decorating, encouraging spirit, and spreading the word for each theme.