• What is fully vaccinated? Fully vaccinated: 12 years old and older. Two doses (primary series) plus a booster that was given after 5 months from the second dose (of the primary series).
  • Someone in my student’s family is COVID positive. Does my student need to stay home and quarantine? Fully vaccinated students or students who had COVID within the last 3 months – No, your student does not have to quarantine and may attend school. If at any point your student does not feel well, keep your student home and have a COVID test done. Not fully vaccinated – yes, your student needs to quarantine. Contact your student's school nurse to determine a return to school date. The student may not take a COVID test to shorten quarantine time.
  • Does Lenape accept HOME COVID tests? Lenape will accept a positive (test result) home test. Lenape does not accept home tests to shorten quarantine if your student went home sick, unless it is performed by a medical professional and submitted to NJ Department of Health.
  • Does Lenape offer “virtual” learning when my student is on quarantine? The LRHSD does not offer virtual synchronous learning. However, virtual tutoring is available in Math, English, Science and Spanish. Check out the virtual tutoring schedule for specific days and times.

Friendly Reminders

  • Have your student self-screen every morning, and if they have symptoms, stay home and get tested.

    GET BOOSTED – if it has been 5 months since your student’s second dose, the CDC recommends getting the booster. 

    If your student has been tested for COVID-19 because they do not feel well, keep your student home while awaiting test results. Notify your school nurse and the attendance office. 

LRHSD Nurse Contact Information

  • Cherokee Nurses
  • Lenape Nurses
  • Seneca Nurses
  • Shawnee Nurses
  • Sequoia Nurse