1-21-22 Change in Criteria for Quarantine

  • Dear LRHSD Families,


    A significant change in the criteria for exclusion (quarantine) will soon go into effect, impacting all of our vaccinated students.  According to the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) any student eligible for the COVID-19 booster vaccination who is not boosted and identified as a close contact, will need to quarantine.  The NJDOH will no longer allow any person fully vaccinated to remain in school if they are exposed to a positive individual; they need to also have the booster.  This is not criteria to regularly attend school, it is only in the event a person is identified as a close contact.

    LRHSD will be conducting a free vaccination clinic for all of our students and staff on February 9th, at Lenape High School.  Based on that, the Burlington County Health Department is permitting LRHSD to implement the new quarantine guidelines on February 10th, 2022.

    Understanding that this update may be frustrating to many, the LRHSD Board and Administration are providing families ample time to consider the choice to have their child boosted or not and the opportunity to get boosted.

    Updates to criteria for exclusion of close contacts reflects the recent CDC recommendations for booster doses for teens 12-17 years.  Everyone ages 12+ is eligible to get the booster 5 months after the last dose in their primary series (and 2 months after J&J).  A person is considered “boosted” immediately after getting their booster done.

    Mark your calendars now for the booster clinic at Lenape High School on February 9th from 3-7pm.  Walk-ups are welcome or visit our pre-registration page to reserve your spot.