Tutoring for Original Credit

  • Criteria for acceptance of the Lenape Regional High School District Tutoring for Original Credit are defined in Board of Education Regulation 2417R: TUTORING.

    Tutorial requests for original credit shall be processed through the guidance department and shall be approved by the respective high school principal. Private tutoring is to be provided by a certified, district approved instructor and reimbursement is to be made by the pupil/guardian directly to the tutor.

    1. A minimum number of hours of private tutoring by certified and approved instructors is herein established for the conditions listed. All such tutoring is to be accomplished on a one on one tutor to student relationship.

    Original Course Credit

    5 credit course……………………………..minimum 30 clock hours

    2.5 credit course…………………………...minimum 15 clock hours

    2. Group Instruction of Two (2) or More Students

    Original Course Credit

    5 credit course…………………………….minimum 120 clock hours

    2.5 credit course…………………………..minimum 60 clock hours

    3. Other Requirements

    a. Private tutoring is to be provided by an instructor certified in the content area of the course work. All tutors must be district approved.

    b. A deposit of $75.00 is to be made to the principal of the school to insure the good condition and return of all texts and materials supplied by the school.

    c. Students are not to be tutored for more than two (2) hours per day and not more than six (6) hours per week without the prior written approval of the principal.

    d. For each hour tutored, two (2) hours of additional study work must be assigned prior to the next tutoring session.

    e. All examinations will be administered and graded by the school, not the tutor. Arrangements for testing should be made with the appropriate department supervisor. Tutored students will be examined through district and school assessments used by the school in the course being tutored. The course grade shall be the average of these assessment grades. 

    4. In order for a student to be scheduled for testing, the tutor must:

    a. Submit a copy of tutor's teaching certificate. If the tutor is currently under contract in the Lenape District to teach the subject being tutored, this is not necessary.

    b. Complete the “Certification of Instruction” log and sign certifying to the high school principal that all requirements of the policy and the school have been accomplished.

    c. Recommend the student's readiness to take final examinations.

    5. Limitations

    The following restrictions are to be adhered to without exception when the tutoring service is being rendered on a reimbursement basis.

    a. Teachers may not tutor pupils currently enrolled in their courses.

    b. Students may not be tutored at school within the time frame of the official school day.

    c. Students may not be tutored for original credit in any course while enrolled in the course without the prior written consent of the principal. The principal shall include a behavior contract with the student as a required part of this approval. The principal may revoke this approval at any time the behavior contract is violated.

    d. Students withdrawing from a course in which they were enrolled during the school year may not be tutored for credit in that course unless specifically approved by the high school principal.

    *Course Credits

    To determine the clock hours of tutorial services necessary for courses which are more or less than the five (5) credits, divide the number of clock hours in the classification by five (5) credits to determine the number of hours necessary for one (1) credit and extrapolate that figure to meet the number of credits for the course.

    For example:

    Original Course Credit

    30 hours ÷ 5 credits = 6 hours per credit

    If a course is 6 credits, the number of tutorial clock hours would be 36 hours (6credits x 6 hours per credit = 36 hours)