Credit for Courses Completed Prior to Grade Nine

    The Lenape Regional High School District has the authority to issue high school credit to incoming students who have completed course work in courses included in the Board of Education approved program of study. A student is eligible for credit in a district approved program if the following criteria are met:

    1. Student passed the 8th grade state assessment in the content area related to the credit request.

    2. Depending on the middle school, some courses have been approved as LRHSD equivalent courses. The grade earned (A/B) in the middle school course will suffice as a LRHSD course. Please call the future high school to see if your middle school has a course(s) equivalent to LRHSD course(s).

    3. Parents of students requesting credit must fill out the attached application to accept credit and submit it to the high school, along with a final course grade and a copy of the student 8th grade state assessment scores.

    4. The course title may be posted on the high school transcript as an A or B based on the assessment outcome or middle school grade from qualifying middle school courses. The grade will not be calculated in the student's GPA and Class Rank. Courses taken prior to 9th grade will be recorded on the student's transcript as of July 1 following the 9th grade year. Once a course and grade is recorded on the transcript it is a part of the permanent record and cannot be removed.

    5. The NCAA Clearinghouse does accept courses taken prior to 9th grade as a core course for Prospective Division I or II athletics, provided the grade and credit are on the students' transcript.

    **** Any student who feels they are proficient at an honors level may take the proficiency test in the subject - please see the Proof of Proficiency page. All terms on that page would apply to testing for honors.

    Parents should contact the subject supervisor of the prospective school. Parents will be notified of the assessment results by July 31.