Proof of Proficiency

  • Lenape Regional High School District Application to Proof of Proficiency

    To apply for an opportunity to sit for an exam for courses in the Program of Studies parents need to complete the application above.  Call your school counselor for details.

    Criteria for acceptance of Lenape Regional High School District Credit for Proof of Proficiency under Option 2 (Grades 9 through 12):

    1. Any student who feels they are proficient in a course offered through the Lenape Regional High School District Program of Studies must complete the application (Proof of Proficiency does not apply to Advanced Placement (AP), Health or Physical Education courses).

    2. The student must have passed the state assessment in the content area related to the course for which credit is requested.

    3. The student will complete a district assessment prior to July 15 of the school year in which the credit will be posted on the high school transcript. Some courses may require a project based performance assessment.

    4. The student must earn an 80% or higher on the district assessment to prove proficiency.

    5. The course title and level will be posted on the high school transcript as an A or B based on the assessment outcome and high school credit will be issued. The grade will be calculated in the student's GPA and Class Rank only for Proof of Proficiency tests administered after September of a student's freshman year in the District.

    6. The student may only attempt each district assessment once per course title per high school career. If the student scores below an 80% they may take the course during a future school year.

    7. Where course sequence applies, a student may not take an assessment for a course that is below another course that s/he is currently enrolled or has already passed. For example, a student may not request to take the Algebra I assessment after they successfully completed Algebra II or while they are taking Geometry.