Physical Education Exemption FAQs

  • Who is eligible for PE exemption?

    • 10th, 11th & 12th grade students playing an LRHSD sport or participating in marching band or a competitive sport outside the LRHSD

    What are the requirements?

    • The student must be a sophomore, junior or a senior
    • The student must complete the entire season of the sport/activity
    • The sport/activity must meet or exceed the NJ DOE Student Learning Standards for Health and Physical Education
    • The sport/activity must meet or exceed the LRHSD Health and Physical Education Long Term Learning Goals
    • The sport/activity must include an intensive training program that prepares the student for competition at a high school level or beyond
    • The sport/activity must occur during the current school calendar year
    • The sport/activity must meet or exceed the NJ State required (18A:35-8) minimum of 150 minutes per week or a total of 3600 minutes per school calendar year

    What can I take in place of PE?

    • Half year elective as available or a study hall

    What if I already have a study hall on my schedule?

    • Students can take a full year study hall and have a half year study hall in place of PE

    What if I experience a season ending injury during the season?

    • Notify your counselor right away and you can work through possible solutions

    Can I also opt out of Health?

    • No, you may only opt out of half year PE

    If I opt out of PE my sophomore year, do I need to go through the PE Exemption process again if I want to opt out my junior year?

    • Yes, each year you need to reapply via the PE Exemption process

    How do I let my counselor know I am interested in Option Two PE?

    • The Genesis course selection will be prepopulated with Health/PE
    • You should also reach out to your guidance counselor and let them know you are interested in pursuing Option Two PE

    Can I leave early or arrive late as with a regular study hall during my half year PE study hall?

    • Yes