Process to Pursue Physical Education Exemption

  • If a student is interested in pursuing a half year PE (Physical Education) exemption for the following school year view the PE Exemption FAQs and see below:

    1. The student should contact their counselor and complete the PE Exemption Application
    2. The counselor will communicate with the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) that the request has been received and if eligible, the PE course title will be removed from the list of requested courses for the upcoming year and be replaced with the “PE Option Two” course title.
    3. The half year PE course will be replaced with an available elective or study hall as the student indicated on PE Exemption Application.

    Next steps:

    If a student participates in a LRHSD sport/activity or marching band nothing else needs to be done by the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) unless the student does not end up participating in that sport/activity or marching band or has a season ending injury.  In either of those scenarios the student and/or parent(s)/gaurdian(s) should contact the counselor as soon as possible.  

    If a student ONLY participates in a non-LRHSD competitive sport/activity that meets the eligibility requirements the student must then submit two letters; one from the parent(s)/guardian(s) and one from their coach.  The letter from the coach must include how the competitive sport/activity meets the NJ DOE Student Learning Standards for Health and Physical Education. The student must also submit a time log that reports the number of minutes that the student participated in the competitive sport/activity during the year.