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    Mrs. Mariem Silva (L) and Mrs. Lee Timpano (R)

    Congratulations to Seneca's 2023 Teacher of the Year and Educational Services Professional of the Year

    Lee Timpano, School Psychologist

    Educational Services Professional of the Year

    Lee Timpano has all the qualities that are required to be the Educational Service Professional of the Year. She is a kind, hardworking, and compassionate person. Lee is a great listener who always puts students first. She builds rapport with her students as well with colleagues and is always able to solve problems easily by bringing people together to work through issues. She is always willing to go above and beyond her job duties to ensure the students on her caseload are finding success. You will often find students in her office during lunch and learn getting work done or just chatting. She is always out in the hallways checking in with the students on her caseload as well as students here at Seneca. Her kind demeanor, intelligence, and loving attitude makes her an integral part of our Child Study Team and our Seneca Family.

    Mariem Silva, Spanish Language Teacher

    Teacher of the Year

    Mariem Silva exceeds expectations in and out of the classroom. Mariem is extremely hardworking and dedicated to her craft; she attends professional development sessions on her own time and is always the first person to volunteer to discuss curriculum and best practices. Her commitment to designing cutting edge lessons each day that focus on language acquisition and proficiency, as well as promoting a collaborative environment in her classroom is masterful. The positive culture that she cultivates in her classes permeates throughout our hallways here at Seneca and her students feel like family members to one another. Mariem is also an instructional leader in her department and loves “talking shop”. She is always reflecting and tweaking her lessons so that they can better serve her students.. Additionally, her Spanish Club and Spanish Honor Society both have quite the following. Whether or not her students pursue third and fourth year Spanish, there is no doubt that they have fun and learn when they are in her classroom.