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    Congratulations to Seneca's 2024 Teacher of the Year and Educational Services Professional of the Year

    Seneca High School Teacher of the Year: Rebecca Ellis

    Rebecca ‘Becki’ Ellis is a dedicated teacher. This means that she takes the time to get to know what her students need and creates both an atmosphere where they feel comfortable and valued and supplements that with opportunities to learn about how they can support their families beyond high school in the automotive field. Becki has always been helping her students get jobs and start careers and this is because she gives them the tools to be successful. In the classroom, she starts with the end in mind. She provides experiences in the auto shop that she knows will help her students not only diagnose the issues with the vehicle but also communicate with the consumer in an effective and professional manner. Becki IS responsible for the genesis and continued success of our automotive program at Seneca. She worked hard to make sure it was designed to be practical and effective at producing automotive technicians. She continues to work many hours beyond her normal work day to ensure our students who choose to become an automotive technician have the support and skills they need to be successful. Seneca is proud to count Becki Ellis as one of the best teachers in our school!

    Seneca High School Educational Services Professional of the Year: Michael Van Kline

    Mike Van Kline has been a staple in the Special Education department for years. He can effectively help with any student with ease and frequently is switched around to many different roles due to this. All students love Mike because of his humor, dance skills and caring demeanor. Mike’s ability to deescalate a student is a tribute to his personality and care for students. I have seen first hand the positive impact that Mike had on one of my students last year. Through trial and error, he was able to get the student to follow rules and procedures because of the rapport that he was able to build with the student over time. Mike continues to be an integral member of our department and an exceptional paraprofessional at Seneca. Mike is also a huge part of our culture here at Seneca. He regularly DJs our dances and the students love him. Seneca High School is proud to have Mike as one of our staff members!