10-1-21 LRHSD 2021-2022 Virtual or Remote Learning Plan

  • Dear LRHSD Students, Parents/Guardians and Staff,

    The start of the school year has been nothing short of invigorating. The energy is real and palpable in our hallways and classrooms, and on our stages and fields. As we settle into routines and see events back on our calendars, we fully expect the year to get even better.

    Realizing that goal will require our continued adherence to the health and safety protocols in place. These past few weeks are proof we can work together as a school community to keep our doors open.

    Although we do not anticipate having to switch to a fully remote schedule, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) requires all school districts to have a plan for temporary remote instruction. Our plan was recently approved, so we want to share it with our students, staff, parents and guardians. Please note, we will only switch to the LRHSD Fully Remote Schedule if the entire LRHSD needs to transition to remote instruction for a period of time. If one to three of our high schools switch to temporary remote instruction, the district will continue following the current, Regular Schedule (four-day, rotating schedule). This is because several LRHSD staff members work in more than one district school.

    If one, two, or three high schools switch to full remote instruction, the LRHSD will continue with its Regular Schedule and the same Letter Day daily rotation. So, students learning remotely will continue adhering to this schedule, but will do so virtually.

Regular Schedule

  • If all four high schools are remote simultaneously, the LRHSD will use the District Fully Remote Schedule and continue with the same Letter Day daily rotation. All LRHSD students will adhere to this schedule for virtual instruction.

LRHSD Fully Remote Schedule

  • General information about the district’s state-required fully remote plans can be found on our LRHSD 2021-2022 Virtual or Remote Learning Annual Plan page.  Details about the distribution of meals and other services will be provided by the building principal in the event school is remote. 

    We believe it is an honor and a privilege to see our students in school every day, and we are grateful for each day of in-person instruction we provide. We intend to file our fully remote plans away and hope they only collect dust this year. Let’s keep Moving Forward, one step at a time, together!