•  Interested in joining Concilium for the 2021-2022 school year? Be sure to come by our meeting on September 30th.
    (If you would like to run for Concilum but are unable to attend the meeting, please email Ms. Atmore!). 
    CONSULS:  Serve together for the good of the Club.  They are responsible for the order and affairs of the Club.  These individuals run the meetings under the supervision of the Club Advisor. 
       Consul Primus:  
       Co-Consul Secundus:  
       Co-Consul Secundus: 
    CENSOR:  Responsible to take accurate attendance at each meeting and give it to the Advisor.
       Censor 1: 
       Censor 2: 
    TRIBUNE:  Responsible for keeping things fair and consistent within the club.
    QUAESTOR:  Treasurer of the Club.  Responsible to collect any monies for purchases (e.g. T-shirts), to help the Club find ways to raise money for activities and to maintain financial accurate accounting records.
    SCRIPTOR:  Recording Secretary of the Club who maintains a record of the Meeting Minutes.
    AEDILE:  Party Planner for the Club.  Aside from helping organize events and activities, the Aedile is responsible for promoting the group and encouraging other to join.