May 12, 2021 - Lenape Regional High School District Board Highlights

Bond Referendum

  • Bond Referendum LogoThe Lenape Regional High School District Administration and Board of Education have been taking steps toward a plan to update and enhance our schools, and we are targeting Nov. 2, 2021, for a public vote. We are in the early stages of proposing this November bond referendum, which is a vote to consider permission to borrow through the sale of bonds.

    Importantly, the upcoming debt pay-off, coupled with the potential for state aid, would enable LRHSD to improve our schools with a near-zero property tax increase! Voter approval for bond-based borrowing would open the door to new state aid for as much as one-quarter of the costs, and that’s an important factor in meeting our tax-neutral goal. It also would allow us to take advantage of this additional funding from the state at a time when, you know, we are seeing drastic reductions in our annual state aid funding through S-2.

    You can go to to learn what we know now about these exciting projects and to find all of our social media accounts associated with this referendum to follow along and get the most up-to-date information.

2021 Student Volunteer Award Recipients

Student Volunteer
  • The Board of Education recognized the 2021 Student Volunteer Award Recipients (pictured above from left to right) senior students Liz Maschke from Lenape High School, Christina Ackerman from Shawnee High School, Alyssa Miles from Cherokee High School, and Samantha Schultheis from Seneca High School.  A short Student Volunteer Award Recipients video, featuring each of the four students, was shown at the meeting. These award recipients will also receive a scholarship provided by The Lenape Regional Foundation, Inc.

2021 Parent Volunteers Honored

Parent Volunteers Honored
  • The Lenape District Board of Education honored parent volunteers from all four high schools for their efforts in making Lenape District programs successful. Pictured above from left to right are Marlene Bollar from Lenape High School, Cindy Kelly and Beth Heine from Shawnee High School, Mark McKenna from Cherokee High School and Tom Besser from Seneca High School.


Leaves of Absence

Resignations and Retirements

Transfers and Promotions


    • The Board of Education approved the second reading of new Board of Education Policy and Regulation 9242: Use of Electronic Signatures.
    • The Board of Education approved the second reading of revised Board of Education Policy 1648: Restart and Recovery Plan.


    • The Board of Education approved the donation of Grand Piano (valued at $15,000) for Shawnee's Music Department from Karen Reid.
    • The Board of Education approved the donation of Technology Items (valued at $287) for Cherokee's Photography Classes from Cherokee Foundation for Education.


  • Numerous other requests for approval of student activities and education items were approved by the Board of Education. These approvals are reflected in the formal minutes of the meeting which are available in the office of the Board of Education Secretary.