• Junior Mask-erade alert! The Junior class will be hosting our first ever Cherokee courtyard Junior dance on Wednesday, June 9th from 7-10pm. Tickets will be presale only in the North Recital Hall, Tuesday, May 11th – Thursday, May 13th at 12:00-12:30 for in-person students and 12:30-1:00 for virtual students.  Only Juniors will be attending this dance. Checks only please (made payable to Cherokee High School). For more information, please email Mrs. Vopelius (lvopelius@lrhsd.org) or Mr. Viereck (tviereck@lrhsd.org).  


    We also wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of the Junior year collection for the Senior Trip to Disney World. The trip will take place from Sunday April 10, 2022 – Wednesday, April 13, 2022. At Cherokee, we allow our students and their families to pay for this trip in installments. In order to do this we have already held one collection during freshman year. This year, the collection will take place from May 17th-21st in the North Recital Hall after school. 12:00 to 12:30 for in person students, 12:30-1pm for remote students. The final collection will take place in October of 2021.  

    If you have not made a payment, and your child would like to attend the trip next year, a deposit of at least $500 is required to reserve your child a spot. If you are making your first payment, please return a signed Senior Trip Cancellation Policy form with your payment. Payments will not be accepted without this signed form. Please be sure both you and your child sign the Senior Trip Information form:  Senior Trip Information Form

    Traditionally, the senior trip is very well attended, with over ⅔ of each class choosing to participate. We hope that your Junior will join us. If you have any questions about the trip or your balance, please feel free to contact Mrs. Vopelius (lvopelius@lrhsd.org) or Mr. Viereck (tviereck@lrhsd.org).