• Schedule - Playoff Game 11/20: Away Vs. Winslow

    Posted by Pam Czekay on 10/5/2021 9:00:00 AM

    Saturday, 11/20: Playoff Game: Away vs. Winslow 

    *Note- please put any personal items neatly in the band room. We will arrive in full uniform.

    *We will not perform the pregame show. Pit and Guard are not required to attend Saturday’s game. 



    • A mask
    • Instrument, water, lyres!
    • Optional: money for concessions at 3rd quarter 


    • Winds, Drumline- wear 2021 tour shirt (wear a jacket, long sleeve shirt, or sweatshirt underneath your tour shirt if you’d like! It’s starting to get colder!) and shorts/leggings to wear underneath bibbers (no jeans underneath bibbers!), full uniform
      • Long black socks (winds, pit and drumline)


    5:15PM: Report to the band room in full uniform, Load trailer! 

    5:40PM: Load Buses, Depart for Winslow HS

    6:10PM: Arrive at Winslow HS, unload trailer. 

    -Tune, quick warm up 

    -Grab water and plumes! 


    6:30PM: Head to stands 

    7:00PM: Game Begins 


    8:00PM: Halftime- Winslow may be performing. I will update the schedule once I find out if we will be watching their halftime performance during this time. 

    -If Winslow is not performing, halftime will be used to get concessions and we will need to be back in the stands at 8 min left in 3rd quarter. If they are performing, we will watch their show and then grab concessions and head back to the stands with 2 min left in 3rd quarter. 


    9:30PM: Game Ends, Load trailer 

    • A parent remind101 will be sent the last few minutes of the game so you know when to pick up your child(ren).


    9:45PM: Depart for Shawnee HS 

    10:15PM: Arrive at Shawnee HS, unload, go home! 

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