LRHSD Full Remote 1 Week After Spring Break

  • Dear Staff, Students, Parents and Guardians:

    When school resumes April 12th after Spring Break, the entire Lenape Regional High School District will be fully remote for one week following the Four Day Rotating Schedule. The target date for students to resume in-person instruction is Monday, April 19th.

    The principals will provide more information regarding the schedule for students and staff.

    Our decision to go fully remote after Spring Break is a proactive one that will allow for a time and space cushion following holiday travel and gatherings. It is based on many factors, including consultation with local health officials and the COVID-19 Activity Level Report which shifted from “moderate” to “high” risk in Burlington County. At this time, the Burlington County Health Department recommends schools go remote for one week following Spring Break. Another important factor was our own history. During the time period LRHSD went fully remote after the Winter Break this past January we had 49 students or staff inform us they contracted COVID-19.  We also know that similar, proactive closures of schools in our area are creating childcare challenges for many of our employees.

    While we will miss five in-person instructional days during this momentary pause, we feel this short in-person pause will help us return to in-person learning with healthy students and staff. Providing a remote-learning cushion after a holiday has a number of advantages. It allows for contact tracing, limits the number of close-contact scenarios in our schools that could result in domino-effect quarantines, and enables students and staff members to return to schools with lower risk.

    Athletics are not impacted by this fully remote schedule, since all LRHSD teams will be reporting to school for practices, scrimmages and games during Spring Break and therefore will not be traveling.

    I personally want to thank you for your understanding and your continued assistance in helping us keep our students, staff, and entire LRHSD community safe. I wish all of you within our LRHSD community a healthy and safe break. I look forward to in-person learning with healthy students and staff on April 19th.



    Carol L. Birnbohm, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools
    Lenape Regional High School District