• Wellness Day

    Friday, March 26, 2021
    During Health/PE Classes


    Group Sessions (Not every session is offered during each class. Once a session is full, it will be removed as a choice.)


    X-Fit Bodyweight WOD with Mrs. Roseann Mullin (South Gym)

    Come sweat it out at a crossfit style training session.

     *Athletic attire recommended*


    Tabata-Style Intervals with Mrs. Kat Boger (Auxiliary Gym)

    Come build power and endurance with HIIT style training. 

     *Athletic attire recommended*


    Consumer Chemistry with Mrs. Kim Condurso – Reducing your Chemical Load (A-201)

    In today’s world, humans are exposed to thousands of times more chemicals than even a decade or two ago. Some of this chemical exposure can be quite harmful, especially to the developing brain of children and adolescents. Harmful chemical exposure can lead to conditions such as allergies, asthma, eczema, compromised immune systems, ADD and the list goes on. Are you interested in reducing your  “chemical load” but don’t know where to begin? By attending this presentation, you will become informed consumers by gaining insight into chemicals found in your food, cleaning products, health and beauty aids and more!  And best of all, no prior knowledge of chemistry is needed! Practical tips will be provided on how to limit harmful chemical exposure in your home including shopping tips and recipes for cheap and EASY DIY's. 


    Yoga For Relaxation with Mrs. Pam Busarello (Auxiliary Gym)

    Participants will perform a yoga flow for stress relief that include stretching and breathing.  *Dress comfortably*


    Sensory Bottles: Calming Glitter Jars For “Bottled Up Stress” with Mrs. Lauren Yekenchik & Ms. Natalie Sauro (A-214)

    Come join us for a relaxing session in making “Calm Down” bottles! These bottles are tools that have the power to help distract us from stresses in our daily lives. They can encourage us to take a brief breather to regroup and decompress, channel big emotions/stress, and meet sensory needs. You can put these mesmerizing bottles together with simple, household ingredients, but why not make one with us? 


    Busy Hands Calm Racing Minds Bracelet Making with Mrs. Nicole Hotz, Mrs. Nichelle Frisch, Mrs. Amanda Keeports, and Ms. Emma Cardwell (NA-12)

    Mind racing, can’t keep  your thoughts from racing through your head?   Keeping your hands busy can help to focus your mind and relax.  Join us to make a variety of different friendship bracelets.  


    Tools for Refocusing: Create Ways to Manage Stress and Refocus with Mrs. Sharon Picollo and Mrs. Dawn Cappello (Wellness Center)

    Feeling Stressed? Overwhelmed? Need something to hold or to remind you that some moments are temporary? Come create with us! Sometimes we all need an outlet. Sometimes we need a way to reconnect with nature. Together we will discuss ways to connect, refocus and create something to help you in the process.


    More than Monopoly: Modern Board Games with Mrs. Lisa Stickel and Mr. Josh Smith (Media Center)

    As screens and gaming become more a part of our daily lives, people have lost some of the connection of meeting face to face. So why not get the best of both worlds? A new wave of board game designers have created a wide variety of fun and interactive games you can play with your friends. 


    Positive Affirmations with Mrs. Laura Lamberto and Ms. Dina Terilla (NB-4)

    “Words matter. Therefore, we are taught from a young age to be mindful of the words we say to others. But what about the words we say to ourselves? We will identify and model positive affirmations and make a keepsake as a reminder to create stronger self-love through words!” 


    Shooting Hoops with Mr. Matt Wolf (South Gym)

    How many 3’s can you make in 45 seconds? Test your hoops skills and reduce your stress with basketball.  Have fun and de-stress in the gym.  No previous basketball experience needed.


    5x5 Mindfulness Walk with Ms. Kotelnicki (NB Hall Doors)

    Calm your mind by using your five senses to focus on your environment instead of your thoughts- try to walk 5 times around the track as you use your 5 senses to create mindfulness.


    Vision Boards with Ms. Nicole Escudero (D-101)

    Have you heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Pictures and images have a way of inspiring and telling a story.  Come create your own vision board with Ms. Escudero to express your feelings, experiences, goals and even possessions you want to attract into your life one day.


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    Virtual students DO NOT need to register. During your health/PE class, click here to go to a virtual session: "Mind, Body & Spirit” How to Reconnect with Yourself During Covid with Ms. Marjorie Brown, LCSW. You should only attend this virtual session during your health/PE class.

    Virtual students whose English class is going to a large group presentation can click here to go to Pet Therapy/Animal-Assisted Therapy with Ms. Katelynn Hewitt, Virtua Pet Therapy Program Coordinator.

    Virtual Students are also invited to click here to visit the Virtual Wellness Center.