2-18-21 Operation Open LRHSD 2.0 Cohort C Letter

  • Dear Students, Parents and Guardians of Cohort C,

    Last evening the Board of Education approved our plans to enter the next phase of Operation Open LRHSD enabling in-person learners to attend school five days a week (but still half day) by merging Cohorts A and B, maintaining social distancing in the classrooms and allowing for our Cohort C to remain fully remote.

     We will combine Cohorts A and B, allowing our students who want to and are physically able to, the ability to come to school every day starting Monday, March 1, following our half-day Four Day Rotating Schedule.  This will not impact the daily schedule for Cohort C students, as they have been learning synchronously along with their in-person peers and will continue to do so when we combine cohorts A and B.

    We have continuously revisited Operation Open LRHSD since returning to school in September. The process has led us to refine health and safety practices for disinfecting our facilities and contact tracing. We have learned a lot as we progressed through this year, and that knowledge has boosted our confidence in district measures to protect staff and students on our campuses. Our students have shown exceptional cooperation with wearing masks, social distancing where possible, and demonstrating positive attitudes about attending school in a drastically different environment.  Our teachers have done a tremendous job adapting their instruction to fit our new formats. However, we know, that while some students are thriving in their fully remote option, many students who are choosing in-person instruction will benefit with more days in front of their teacher. 

     Following our cautious start to the school year, administration, child study teams and school counselors began systematically inviting students to attend school five days a week. In early fall, we began with our students with disabilities in specialized programs, then invited our English Language Learners. Most recently, we offered this opportunity to any student who received a D or F during the first marking period.

    Combining Cohorts A and B will create two groups of students: a cohort of in-person learners and a cohort of remote learners. If you would like your student to leave Cohort C, we request you apply to the school counselor, no later than Tuesday, February 23, 2021. An accurate count of in-person and fully remote learners is imperative for making any necessary adjustments to suitable classroom space.  Requests to leave Cohort C will be reviewed on a case by case basis and will be dependent on the ability to social distance.

    We will work with county health officials to review any change to our in-person learning plan, we will continuously monitor our in-person attendance and will inform our school community whether any change back to hybrid will be necessary and, if so, when a change will take place.

    Thank you,

    Carol L. Birnbohm, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools
    Lenape Regional High School District