Academic Support During COVID-19

  • 1. Administration invite struggling students back into the building five days a week in anticipation of returning to in-person learning.

    2. All teachers implement a grade “floor” of 50% at the end of the Marking Periods 2 and 3 in order to help students who are overwhelmed.  This will also be applied retroactively to Marking Period 1 by administration.  

    3. Incentivize students to show up for Google Meets with their cameras on.  All departments will create a class participation grade mandatory for all courses which do not already have them for Marking Periods 2, 3 and 4. 

    4. Administration generate a progress report letter to be sent to parents of students with D’s and F’s.  These letters will include a list of supports specific to each student per class as well as other supports offered at each school.

    5. Host a Parent Academy with live and recorded video tutorials regarding how parents can assist their child or monitor progress (Google Meet, Go Formative, Genesis, etc.).

    6. Assign students with D’s or F’s to an Academic Support Group using remote teacher duty paired with a counselor to meet regularly, mentor and motivate students to attend class, attend extra help, etc. 

    7. Create best practices for teachers which include but are not limited to:

    • teaching students the essential skills for success in the next sequential course by meeting with teachers who teach the next sequential course

    • helping provide easy and efficient ways for teachers to communicate with parents more effectively and timely concerning missing assignments such as employing google summary in google classroom

    • have students (when needed) do classwork during specific class time

    • other strategies employed to increase student engagement online

    8. Offer some flex time for teachers to substitute afternoon office hours to meet with students later in the afternoon or evening. 

    9. Offer some flex time for counselors to work in the evening (after 5PM) when they can communicate with parents after they are home from work.

    10. Acceptance of late work for students with D’s or F’s in Marking Period 1 with a max grade of 70% for make up work. Offer students the opportunity to make up assessments, assignments, etc. after successfully attending a set number of consecutive Google Meets (determined by the teacher). 

    Deadline for Marking Period 1 make up work Friday Jan. 15th

    11. For Marking Period 2 mark any student with a D or F a grade of “I” Incomplete and extend make up work deadline (with a max grade of 70%) to Friday Feb. 12th.

    12. Exploring for second semester: senior interventions, Option 2, supported study hall,etc. 

    13. Exploring beyond the school year: Summer Readiness Courses and Apex Credit Recovery to address the learning loss.