11-24-20 Operation Open LRHSD Reminder and Updates

  • Dear LRHSD Community,

    I hope this letter finds you and your family well. Although we are not currently switching to a fully remote schedule for the LRHSD, we want to share our plans in the event that we have to pivot to a fully remote schedule. We know in-person learning is best for our students, but in looking ahead, we are preparing for the potential move to remote learning caused by increased absences of staff or students, or the elevation of our region to “very high risk.”

    I thank each one of you for your support during this challenging time. Our staff members especially have worked hard to create a safe and inviting environment while maintaining opportunities for students to excel in the classroom, on the stage, and on the field. Our students have adhered to new health and safety practices while demonstrating a tremendous amount of resiliency, with each week – even each day – bringing a new set of changes.

    Burlington County recently escalated to “high risk” on the COVID-19 Activity Level Index, requiring our administrative staff and nurses to follow new guidance with respect to contact tracing and recommendations for individuals to quarantine. You may notice an increase in staff absences because of these extra precautions which require someone in the household of a person being tested for COVID-19 to quarantine as well as the requirement of any close contact of a presumptive positive individual to also quarantine.

    If the positivity rate increases to a value in which our region becomes classified by the Health Department as "very high risk" on the Activity Level Index, the guidance provided to school officials calls for a transition to full remote learning. Currently, we make decisions on a school-by-school basis for remote learning, as each community is impacted at different rates and at different times. However, we proactively reviewed the LRHSD Full Remote Schedule with all faculty last week and asked that they review it with all students to ensure we are ready and know what to expect if the entire district must transition to a full remote format. The schedule is different than when an individual school switches to full remote.

    Schedule if LRHSD is Full Remote:

  • I personally want to thank you for your understanding and your continued assistance in helping us keep our students, staff, and entire LRHSD community safe. I am privy to what goes on “behind the scenes,” and I am in awe of the unwavering dedication of staff, students, parents, and community partners to ensure LRHSD remains a district of excellence. And, that is what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.


    Carol L. Birnbohm, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools

    Lenape Regional High School District