11-12-20 Update in COVID-19 Communications

  • Dear Students, Staff, Parents/Guardians, 

    We are revising our COVID-19 communications protocols. Our goal is for you to know about the positive cases that have the greatest potential to affect you and your school’s operation.

    Moving forward, you will no longer receive written notices about positive COVID-19 cases if school is operating fully remote or if those who test positive are fully remote students or staff. You will continue to receive written notification about all other COVID-19 cases related to our school community.

    The District will continue to report all positive cases of COVID-19 to the Burlington County Health Department (BCHD) and support contact tracing efforts. We also will keep an account of all reported positive cases on our school website and update it weekly.

    We are making these adjustments now in anticipation of an increase in positive cases based on state data. We want to avoid over communicating, so we earn your attention when we need it most.

    Our District also relies on your communication with us to keep school open and our community safe. We ask any student or staff member who is being tested to let the school nurse know. Please remain home from school and do not attend any school activities until you receive a negative test result and provide that information to the school nurse.  

    As a reminder, if you have been exposed to COVID-19 and are scheduling testing, or if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and you require testing, the District’s physicians recommend you have Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing through a commercial lab (e.g. Quest or LabCorp). Although there are many rapid tests available, some are not as accurate as the PCR tests. 

    Thank you for your continued attention and support.