World Languages Department

  • Ms. Atmore


    “Ms. Atmore, thank you so much for bringing so much positivity to my school day. I always look forward to your class and it always makes me feel so much better! Thank you for being a great teacher!”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Gallimore


    “Mrs. Gallimore it is so much fun to be in your class! I love talking about our friday plans or hobbies. I also enjoy learning spanish too! Thank you so much! Tell your dog oso hi!” 

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Hubbard


    “Thank you for your strength and perseverance during these tough times.”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Katrisiosis


    “Thank you!”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Kellett


    “For your enthusiasm, caring attitude, technical wizardry and friendship !”

    • Shawnee Staff Member

    Mr. Leonard


    “Thank you so much for your hard work during these difficult times. You are always there for us when we need help. You are able to teach us effectively while ensuring our safety. I truly appreciate the many hours you put into making this school year great.”

    • Shawnee Student 


    Ms. Lyras


    “I’m glad to have teachers and counselors who are truly invested in their jobs and making learning accessible even through this bleak year. I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to acquaint myself with staff from all departments, but I imagine that everyone is doing their best to make this unorthodox school year survivable! “

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Mangold


    “Thank you goes out to all the teachers that have helped me grow as a student and a person.”

    • Shawnee Student


    Mr. Master


    “Thank you for being so incredibly supportive and understanding.”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Maupin


    “I want to say a thank you to everyone for bringing together this school and making it fun to learn here everyday and helping me when I needed it. Hope you all have a nice day”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. O’Connell


    “Thank you, Ms. O'Connell, for being a teacher that I feel comfortable talking to! You have been so understanding and willing to help through this whole process, which I am so grateful for.”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Raible


    “Thank you Ms.Raible for always being understanding about the time work takes and giving us multiple opportunities to achieve a high grade! I love how you don’t just make us memorize italian words but make us use it in real life ways like speaking and forming sentences.”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Toliver


    “Thank you for making this field hockey season feel normal. The last 8 months have been awful and this school year hasn’t gone the way I wanted it to go for my senior year. No normal school, no football games, no pep rallies, and the list goes on forever. But I’m truly grateful I had field hockey and it’s honestly become an outlet for me and I never thought It would. You have made this season feel so normal and fun especially for the seniors. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without field hockey once it’s over. This is by far my favorite season of field hockey Ever. Thank you for the last 4 years and showing me how amazing this program is. Most of all thank you for always believing in me especially in times I didn’t believe myself. You have boosted my confidence and shaped me into a better person. I’m sad that this season is coming to an end and I’m gonna play my last field hockey game ever and hang up my stick but the memories will last forever.💙”

    • Shawnee Student