Social Studies Department

  • Mr. Aha


    “Mr. Aha was our daughter’s history teacher for her sophomore year. Although the remainder of that school year was completed online, Mr. Aha made sure his focus was on meeting the needs of his students. Mr. Aha made his lessons relatable while keeping the students engaged with relevant work and projects. He always answered any communication from students and kept parents informed with weekly updates as to the changing schedule.

    I appreciated that Mr. Aha expected his students to be responsible and take an active role in their education.

    Thank you Mr. Aha for your refreshing, positive outlook and being a great role model for the students of SHS!”

    • Shawnee Parent


    Mr. Anderson


    “Hi Mr. Anderson, I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done for the school and your students. It couldn't have been easy to prepare for this year so thank you for your efforts. Also thank you for doing so much for your students and making your classes enjoyable.”

    • Shawnee Student


    Mr. Baer


    “Thank you for always being willing to talk about different ways of teaching and being a great listener!”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Ms. Cummings


    “For teaching a class we can relax and actually enjoy a part of the day. Also giving us fun projects!”

    • Shawnee Student


    Mr. Franks


    “Hi Mr. Franks, I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done to prepare for this crazy year. Also thank you for everything that you have done for your students and the school in general. Thanks for making your class really enjoyable and connecting with the students as that is something that is unfortunately lacking this year.”

    • Shawnee Student


    Mr. Hess


    “For teaching me about History. I like learning about the past and learning from you is fun to do. Thank you Mr. Hess”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Lorenz


    “Chris - Thanks for always setting the example for the Social Studies Department by leading us through this time of uncertainty and always wanting to collaborate and learn more about any/everything. Your work ethic, passion, and kindness are unmatched. Thank you!”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Mr. Maira


    “Thank you for relating to my generation with things we can understand, especially with all the funny things you put in your power points. I never really understood my past teachers when they talked about history but this year I can finally learn something from a teacher who knows how to relate to their students. So thank you!”

    • Shawnee Student


    Mr. Mann


    “Thank you for always being kind!”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Mr. Eric O’Neill


    “Thank you so much for working so hard to make this year work. Thanks to you, I am understanding and enjoying the material, which I wasn't sure was possible during this time. Thank you!”

    • Shawnee Student


    Mr. Provost


    “I’m glad to have teachers and counselors who are truly invested in their jobs and making learning accessible even through this bleak year. I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to acquaint myself with staff from all departments, but I imagine that everyone is doing their best to make this unorthodox school year survivable! “

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Woll


    “I think Mrs. Woll is so under appreciated for the work she does with me in my ACC US2 class because with the given things going around with COVID she makes sure we are taken care of first and then the unit she is teaching. She doesn't give us a lot of work which is nice considering some of my other teachers and their assignments but she also gives us a free period or time at the end to finish work from other classes which says a lot when she is teaching lots of history. I appreciate her so much because it shows that teachers at shawnee care and understand students. Plus I love her class, she makes it so interactive and there is a new thing to learn everyday.”

    • Shawnee Student