Music Department

  • Mr. Joubert


    “I am grateful for you each fall when I walk down the A Hall and hear the most beautiful holiday music being sung by our talented students! I 've even stood outside the chorus room and just listened for a little bit! You have added such happiness to our Blue school... thank you!”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Ms. Kehl


    “How grateful I am to have shared a classroom with someone who enjoys the music from CATS as much as I! I am always happy when we get to work together because not only do I get to learn really awesome things, but you're just a really nice person with a HUGE heart... so thank you!!”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Mr. N. Rotindo


    “Dear Mr. Rotindo, Thank you so much for going above and beyond by hosting Wednesday afternoon in-person band practice outside. This experience has been the highlight of the school year for Kai - and for us because it's making things seem normal in an unnerving time. We appreciate your devotion and taking the extra time to make sure these young musicians are practicing together. We also are grateful for the recommendation of Bill Corvino. Kai has had two jazz guitar lessons with him so far and he's been a treasure. Thank you so much!”

    • Shawnee Parent