Guidance/Counseling Center

  • Ms. Cancila


    “Congratulations! And thank you for being a great representative of the Orange and Blue! Looking forward to continuing our careers together.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Mr. Catinella


    “Thanks for being a great resource for so many students and athletes. Your enthusiasm is felt by all.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Mr. Hill


    “Thank you for being a great coach, friend, and mentor.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Mr. Looney


    “Looney, thanks for always working with me and for being a step ahead on knowing how and when to reach out. You’re a great resource for our kids.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Ms. O’Neill


    “Thank you for answering any and all of my questions - the big ones, the good ones, the little ones, and the silly ones! You're always so helpful and quick to reply! And I really appreciate the guidance as we navigate the college process for the first time. It's a great comfort to know you're here to help!”

    • Shawnee Parent


    Ms. Scheffer


    “Thank you for holding down the testing scene and for handling everything with a calmness that makes everyone feel more comfortable about their own jobs.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Mr. Welsh


    “Darren, thank you for all of the roles you have played in our years together at Shawnee. Our students and athletes are lucky to have you play such an active role in their lives.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Ms. Zechman


    “Hi Mrs. Zechman! You are my counselor and even though we only met once and a very short time, it was very good to be checked up on in a very long time.”

    • Shawnee Student