English Department

  • Ms. Beldin


    “I would like to recognize Ms. Beldin for going out of her way to make some accommodations and help my son who has been struggling in the class. Ms. Beldin was very sensitive and understanding of his situation and gave him the opportunity to get back on track and ultimately succeed in her class. Thank you for the extra efforts! They will go a long way!”

    • Shawnee Parent


    Mr. Casey


    “I didn't have Mr. Casey for class but I signed up for his Summer SAT lessons and it helped a lot. Even if it was all virtual I would appreciate the time he would take out of his break to teach the most boring test ever. When I would email him about a question late at night he recognized my loyalty to studying and even if it was the smallest recognition. It made a big impact on me and showed me that people are recognizing my late night studying on SAT when I could be doing other fun summer things.”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Chrupcala

    “Mrs. C you are so nice and the best. I love your learning presentations and it is very easy to learn with you! I am so glad to have you as a teacher because you are so outgoing and nice.”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Felix


    “Amy, You are an amazing teacher who takes the time to really get to know your students. You make each one of them feel welcome when they enter Shawnee as freshmen. Thank you for all the work you do to ensure that your students feel comfortable and safe in school.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Ms. Griffin


    “Thank you for taking the time to help me tackle, navigate, and eventually master a new prep. I am very fortunate to be able to work with you and to have you as a friend.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Ms. Lamorgese


    “Hi Mrs. Lamo! Thank you for always being willing to talk, and for being so understanding last year when school closed. Even though I don’t have you this year, it’s always nice to talk to you in between classes or in the halls!”

    • Shawnee Student


    Mr. Latini


    “Randy, These last nine months have been crazy. Thank you for always making us laugh and see the lighter side of things. You always brighten our day with your humor. You're an excellent teacher who always puts your students first.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Mr. Loeb


    “Your hard work to help us all learn effectively is inspiring, but what makes you stand out is how you have made it a priority for the class to work together and create relationships even when we can’t see each other face-to-face. Thank you for making your classroom a space where we can have community again!”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Meimbresse  



    You are an amazing teacher who works hard to share your passion of literature with your students. Thank you for always putting your students first.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member



    Ms. Miller


    “I would like to write a note of gratitude to Ms.Miller because I feel she really understands her AP LANG students and tries her best in her circumstances to provide the best education for us online. She makes sure that no matter the deadline of an assignment you have enough time to complete it given always being online and even if she doesn't say it directly I feel she really sympathizes with us and understands how our mental health can be affected and makes sure we understand information no matter how many times she needs to explain it.”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Ognibene


    “Thank you so much for being the best English teacher that I could have. I miss having you as my teacher. Thank you for always asking how I am doing when we had class. I felt so comfortable in that class and I miss you. I hope you are doing well at home! I heard that you are having a baby soon!! Congrats!!”

    • Shawnee Student


    Mr. Posch



    You are an amazing teacher who has a passion for the literature you teach. Thank you for sharing that passion with your students.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member

    Ms. Holcombe


    “Thank you Mrs. Holcombe for being such an amazing English teacher to me last year and for being such a great dance team coach to me on Dance Team the past 3 years. I miss you sooo much!💙”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Schliep


    “Susie. Thank you for being such a ray of sunshine during this crazy time. You are so sweet and kind and always look out for everyone in our department. We miss seeing your smiling face.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member