Business Department

  • Ms. Bunn


    “Thank you so much for making Personal Finance such a fun class! I really enjoy learning something new every day in that class! I also really enjoy the Google Meets calls in the mornings, it really makes my day! Thank you so much for your kind and helpful personality! Thank you!”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Dietz


    “Thank you for your strength and perseverance during these tough times.”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Hahn


    “Thanks so much for everything you do for all of us!  You are the best!”

    - Shawnee Staff Member


    Mr. Jackson


    “Thank you for the early morning laughs and for knowing how to keep things balanced.”

    • Shawnee Staff Member


    Mr. Nash


    “We are so glad you became a Shawnee Renegade!  That you for always being so kind and friendly. 

    • Shawnee Staff Member

    Mr. M. Rotindo


    “Thank you so much for your hard work during these difficult times.  You are always there for us when we need help.  You are able to teach us effectively while ensuring our safety”

    • Shawnee Student


    Ms. Watson


    “Thank you for working everyday to educate us”

    • Shawnee Student