• Photography

    All four classes fill the Visual and Performing Arts and Career Technical Education graduation requirements.

    Students can earn college credit through Rowan College at Burlington County via the College Acceleration Program (C.A.P.) in the Photography 2 and 3 courses.



    Photography I
    Gives students an in-depth look at the field of digital photography. Students are taught the basics of digital photography from composition to basic photo-manipulation and color printing using imaging software. Hands-on computer experience is provided to all students on the photography lab equipment included color printers, scanners, and digital cameras.

    Photography II
    This is a comprehensive course that includes instruction in the areas of digital photography and graphic design. Knowledge gained in Photography I will be expanded on in this course as we explore areas of individual interests and abilities. At all levels the use of computers will be utilized in the use of software filters and effects tools. Projects will be assigned and work will be required outside of class. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Photography I.

    Photography III
    This course builds on the solid foundation of technical skill and design principles developed in Photo I and II and offers the chance for students to pursue specialized interests related to photography and digital imaging including multi-image production and photo-illustration. A strong curriculum that emphasizes both theory and practice characterizes this course. Prerequisite: Photography I and II.

    Exploring Photography I
    Provides students with a basic knowledge of how a camera works and how 35 mm film is processed and developed. Taught at a slower pace than its level 3 counterpart, this course will involve the students with making images.



    Mr. Michael Lombardo
    Photography 1

    Ms. Erika Rakow
    Photography 2