• Congratulations to Seneca's March Students and Employee of the Month:


                    Freshman – Zackary Moore

                    Sophomores – Ryder Streep

                    Juniors – Colton Fejko

                    Seniors – William Decker


    Employee of the Month:  Sherry Fisher

    Sherry is an exceptional example of an outstanding and spirited Seneca employee. Sherry makes sure the students and staff are cheered on and supported every day. Students and staff alike can always count on her to help them, no matter what the request.

    Sherry has created a pep rally atmosphere in the halls with personalized laminated soccer, football and cheer leading posters. When the inevitable was realized that no fans were to be in the stands for Basketball games, Sherry rallied again and organized our cardboard cutout fan section. Sherry is key in keeping the Seneca Family strong!