• Overview 

    The Drafting and Design program features four courses that introduce students to drafting communications and the drafting/design process. Drafting is the basis for the construction of anything in our world. Therefore, the courses are recommended for the hobbyist or the student considering a career in any phase of engineering, architecture, manufacturing or design.

    Students can earn college credit through Burlington County College via the College Acceleration Program (C.A.P.) in the Drafting and Design II and Engineering Design courses.



  • Drafting and Design

  • Teachers 

    Ms. Aurilio
    Ms. Rakow
    Drafting and Design I
    Mr. Better
    Drafting and Design II
    Mr. Emmett
    Architectral Design
  • Drafting and Design I

     Drafting and Design I is the introduction to the technological world of drafting communications.  The fundamentals of graphic communications and the language of
    technology are taught through the basic tools and equipment to CAD (computer aided drafting). Terminology, careers, techniques, and drawing types are introduced in a logical order. You will complete technical sketches, geometric constructions, orthographic projections, and pictorial drawings. As the year progresses you will also learn and apply the basics of the design process through a final design project. Neatness, Good lettering habits and correct line techniques are stressed

    Drafting and Design II

    Drafting and Design II is designed as a chance for you to further develop CAD skills and increase your knowledge in the design field. You will apply your knowledge of drafting to more technical and challenging design problems. You will focus on using the computer as a tool to create various drawings. Design elements are further  reinforced to provide a chance to be creative and develop a sense of innovation.  Three-Dimensional modeling (Autodesk Inventor) is an integral part of the

    Prerequisite: Drafting and Design I. (Offered as BCC CAP Course in combination with Drafting and Design I) .

  • Architectural Design
    Architectural Design allows you a chance to learn the concepts of architectural drafting and design. A wide range of topics will be covered throughout the year including green architecture, home styles, interior design, room planning, standard design practices, drawing types, construction techniques and framing practices. You will have a chance to demonstrate your knowledge with numerous architectural design problems. You will create a full set of house plans along with architectural models to simulate home construction. Creativity, visualization, and problem solving skills will be emphasized.
    Prerequisite: Drafting and Design I and II.

    Engineering Design
    Engineering Design is a challenging and rewarding class that introduces the field of engineering and engineering drawing. Problem solving and research skills are developed through engineering design problems. Engineering drafting methods and techniques will be introduced as you will apply your CAD (Inventor and AutoCAD) knowledge to create working drawings for projects. Throughout the year, you will be required to demonstrate design and production techniques. General fields of engineering will be introduced as well.  Innovation and creativity is an integral part of the class.
    Prerequisite: Drafting and Design I and II. (Offered as BCC CAP Course)