Impact Testing

  • Step by Step Guide to Proctoring the IMPACT Test


    1. Log onto computer with your Student ID & Password
    2. DO NOT use cellphones at any time during this test- reaction time is accounted for
    3. This test is:
    • Not pass or fail
    • No grade will be given
    • It tests memory and reaction time
    • Each section will have detailed instructions
    • Please read thoroughly before proceeding to next section
    • Do the best you can
    1. Open internet explorer and go to
    2. Enter code - 41e62fecb0    thats 4(one)e62fecb(zero)
    3. Select validate and launch baseline
    4. Choose your native language (ie: English)
    5. Please fill out full name- not nick name
    6. Answer the following questions
    • If using a chrome book- please select trackpad
    1. Please select Add more demographics and fill out the following questions
    2. Choose native country (ie: United States) / select language (ie:english) / do not need to fill out second language
    3. Review the following questions:
      • Years of education completed

    - Freshmen: 8

    - Sophomore: 9

    - Junior: 10

    - Senior: 11

                      -     Your Sports level is High School

                            - Years of experience (frosh 0, soph 1, junior 2, senior 3)

                      -     Concussion History

                            - Answer history of concussion if you had a concussion in last 2 years/ if not skip.

                            - If you don't remember the date of your concussion, estimate the best year and month and use the 15th of that month as your date.

                     -      SYMPTOMS SHOULD BE ALL ZEROS (You do not have a current concussion).

    1. The test will now begin! So get ready and read instructions!
    2. Do your best on the test- do not get frustrated. If you do not get the question correct, just keep going.
    3. When completed, exit out, you DO NOT need to print or email it to your self!! Just X out.
    4. Email or if you have any questions