Summer Enrichment ESY Program-

    This program is designed to enhance individual functioning in reading, writing, math, social studies and science. The purpose is to foster academic self-confidence and / or enrich the skills of students frustrated with low achievement. The program is for classified students recommended by the IEP team.


    Social/Recreation Program-

    During the school year there is an after school program held at Lenape High School twice a week. Classified students may be eligible to attend this program upon recommendation of their case manager. A variety of activities are provided to enhance social and vocational development. Transportation is provided from the students' school to the program and home.


    Adolescent Issues Groups-

    Group counseling is available with certified social workers and/or psychologists.


    Counseling Groups-

    School counselors also have groups dealing with issues such as grieving, family problems, substance abuse and sexual trauma.


    Intervention and Referal Services Committee (I & RS) - (formally CORE team)

    The committee provides confidential assistance to help students resolve certain personal problems. Examples of these problems would be family conflict, alcohol dependence, drug abuse, eating disorders or emotional problems. Students or teachers may make referrals to the committee. Mentor Program is available through the I&RS committee.


    Academic Remediation -

    Through the I&RS committee, students receive assistance, based on need.



    Reading Instruction-

    Remedial reading instruction is available for students having serious reading problems upon recommendation of their case manager.


    Speech/Language Therapy-

    Students who have been identified as needing this service will meet with the speech-language specialist as prescribed by their IEP.


    Occupational or Physical Therapy -

    Students who have been identified as needing this Service will meet with the occupational or physical therapist as prescribed by their IEP.


    Child Study Team-

    Each student is assigned an in-house Child Study Team case manager. The case manager is a parent contact person, as well as a day-to-day resource for students and teachers.



    Parents of Special Education Students-Meetings are held several times a year. Speakers present on topics of interest to parents of classified students. POSES also sponsors a College Information Presentation especially for students with disabilities.