English 1,2,3,4

    Math 1,2,3,4

    Health 1,2,3,4


    Environmental Earth Science

    Integrated Science

    U.S. History I

    U.S. History II

    World Cultures

    Individual Studies I

    Individual Studies II

    Individual Studies III

    Individual Studies IV

    9/10 Support

    11/12 Support

    Human Behavior



    Individual Studies I

    I.  Organizational Skills
    2.  Listening and Following Directions
    3.  Written and Oral Expression and Vocabulary Development
    4.  Basic Research Skills
    5.  Test Taking Skills
    6.  Note-taking Strategies
    7.  Decision Making/Relationship Building Skills
    Individual Studies II
                 I.  Written and Oral Communication Skills

    2.  Self-Advocacy Skills

    3.  Identification of personal abilities, strengths, and priorities

    4.  Exploring Post-Secondary Interests

    5. Review of test preparation, note-taking, research skills, and reading textbooks

    6.  Appropriate social and interpersonal skills


    Individual Studies III

     I.  Interpreting the Individual Educational Plan

    2.  Identifying your personal learning style, specific abilities and disabilities

    3.  Setting personal and academic short and long term goals

    4.  Career Exploration and research

    5.  Post-secondary educational and training research

    6.  Test-taking strategies (ACT, SAT prep)

    7.  Employment and Independent living skills


    Individual Studies IV

            1. Self-Advocacy Skills

            2. Literacy Skills

            3. Study Skills

            4. Post Secondary Preparation


    Human Behavior   (9th - 12th grade, as needed)

               I.   Positive strategies for dealing with feelings

               2.  Accepting differences among people

               3.  Dealing with peer pressure

               4.  Making responsible choices

               5.  Effective listening skills

               6.  The importance of self-esteem

               7.  Characteristics of healthy, successful  people

               8.  Budgeting and money management

               9.  Roles/relationships within the family