• Seneca High School student groups, such as the Buddies Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Multicultural Club, World Language Clubs, and Girls in Ascent (GIA), promote equity through various activities throughout the school year.

    LRHSD Olympics--Seneca High School is proud to host all our LRHSD schools for the annual LRHSD Olympics.

    Celebration of Heritage Months--For the 2022-2023 school year, various student groups designed and decorated bulletin boards to celebrate heritage months. Last year, students on Seneca's Equity Team and some of our ADL Peer Trainers worked with Seneca's Media Specialists, as well as students in our Business classes, to create a gallery walk highlighting Black and African American individuals and their contributions to their fields.

    Week of Respect--Annually, during the first full week of October, Seneca students engage in activities for the week of respect, including ADL Peer Training and anti-bullying lessons in their Health & PE classes, to name a few.