• Seneca High School Student Leaders Present at NJDOE Conferences

    For two consecutive summers, Seneca High School students have presented at the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) Statewide Equity Conferences.

    This past summer, five Seneca High School students who were trained by the Anti-Defamation League, including Sabrina Capoli, Tyler Chaudhary, Alyssa Giannini, Shane Lovett, and Heilee Mota, presented at the 2020 NJDOE Statewide Conference, Equity in Action. Sabrina presented "Act for Anti-Defamation League," where she shared her experiences as a Seneca High School ADL Peer Trainer. Tyler, Alyssa, Shane, and Heilee worked with Assistant Principal Dave Knecht to present a workshop called "Creating Equity Through Student Trainers: Examining Prejudice and Combatting Biases," where they gave an overview of Seneca's Peer Training Program and engaged participants in anti-bias activities.

    In the summer of 2019, Seneca High School Assistant Principal Karen O'Neil and Seneca students Stephany Henske, Jewel Justice, Kylie Mitchell, Nathan Roseboro, and Jacob Walters facilitated an anti-bias workshop at the NJDOE Statewide Conference: Equity for All. Their workshop was called "Courageous Conversations: Learning to Recognize and Confront Bias and Discrimination." All of the Seneca students were previously trained by the Anti-Defamation League and they used activities that they had already implemented through Seneca's Peer Training Program. Participants were encouraged to recognize their inherent biases and combat discrimination within their schools and communities by confronting and challenging all forms of bigotry. Attendees participated in an interactive workshop designed to promote dialogue and self-reflection.

    ADL Peer Training Program

    Seneca High School is proud of our Anti-Defamation League Peer Training Program. Every other year, 25 students and two staff members are trained by the Anti-Defamation League. As noted by the ADL, "The Peer Training Program trains middle and high school students to understand and challenge bias and bullying; learn and practice anti-bias facilitation skills; and take on a leadership role to build understanding, respect and equity among members of a school community."

    As part of our program, ADL Peer trainers annually conduct workshops for all freshmen in English I classes and all sophomores in U.S. History I classes. In addition, our trainers run workshops for staff members, athletic teams, and even 8th graders from our sending schools.