• Talented artists in Mrs. Ali Easlick's classes shared some of their favorite works which were created during quarantine. Take a look at our virtual art gallery. Commentary is courtesy of Mrs. Easlick. 

    two shoes

    This show still life is by Abby Leitinger.  Abby is a Senior and one of my most talented artists.  She has a very gentle persona which comes across in her delicate shading of her art work.


    Marissa is a senior at Lenape High School.  She loves art and her colorful personality is seen in her work. 


    Jenna Hill is a Lenape junior. She has excelled in Art Major this year and really came into her own when it comes to creative thought. I am excited to see where her imagination takes her next year. 
    two smiles
    Jackie Zak, what a creative and cool kid!!! Jackie always brings her life into her art  the painting above is done using complementary colors.  It it is of her and her friend.   
    portrait of a woman
    Julia Burgess is an amazingly talented freshman.  Above is a portrait created using color pencil and graphite.  
    Zack Lipincott
    Zack Lipincott is another talented junior. Zack has innate talent.  It comes from his soul.