Congratulations to our retirees!  We thank you for contributing so much to the Lenape family.

    We wish them the best of health and happiness!


    Kathy Waldron

      Ed and Kathy   Kathy Waldron in class

        Retiring from Lenape after 25 years, Mrs. Waldron leaves a legacy that will always be remembered for its innovative and creative approach to Community Based Training and Transition to Work programs.  The programs, which introduced students to the World of Work, became models for local and state programs. 

       As Lenape's 2005-06 Teacher of the Year, she was recognized for the difference she made in lives of young people by preparing them for independence and a place in the community as an important part of the work force.   Teaching students to become independent and capable young adults has been the hallmark of her career at Lenape. With her constant smile and infectious "Can Do! Will Do!" attitude, she will be remembered with love and gratitude from students, staff, parents, community members, employers, and job coaches. 

       Mrs. Waldron commented on her retirement, "I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with extraordinary teachers and paras who have truly put students first. Our students are absolutely the best! I will definitely miss the students and staff at Lenape."

    Debbie Jenson

    Debbie Jenson

       Math teacher Mrs. Debbie Jenson, a well respected member of the LHS family, has been teaching at Lenape for 25.5 years.  She was hired right out of college to teach at Lenape but left after 2 years to pursue a career in Systems Engineering.  Mrs. Jenson returned to Lenape when her children were both in elementary school, where she taught all levels of Math.  She was known for celebrating Pi Day, making Pi Shaped Cookies and wearing Pi shirts. For 14 years, she successfully led Lenape's Math team to many awards. 
       Her immediate plans for retirement are to travel to Tennessee to babysit her granddaughter next year to keep her safe during the Covid-19 situation.  Mrs. Jenson is also planning on spending time with her grandson in Virginia.  She also plans to play Mahjong and do some travelling when it becomes possible again. 
         Mrs. Jenson said, "I love teaching Math and am going to miss teaching it, especially Calculus.  I am hoping to do some Calculus tutoring in the future."
    Mindy Schnepf 
       A well respected, positive and beloved Health and PE teacher, Mrs. Schnepf has been teaching at Lenape for 26 years and has been teaching, coaching, and refereeing for 46 years.  She spent most of her years at LHS teaching juniors and seniors, preparing them for a health-conscious future. 
       Her favorite memories of LHS included 23 years of line dance trips she planned and took students to (ZORBA AND FOOTLOOSE). She knew how to get young people to exercise and enjoy doing it!  Physical and mental health lessons were important! 
       Her retirement plans include travel, taking classes, training service dogs for veterans and visiting her children in OK, VA and WI. 
    Patti Boisvert
    Patti Boisvert   
      Beloved Mrs. B has been making LHS students smile for nearly 16 years.  As a para, she has been involved in all aspects of our students' lives.  Besides being a classroom assistant, she's worked in Sparkle Cheerleading, Social Recreation, Adaptive Physical Education, and ESY programs. 
       As a chaperone, she has accompanied students on numerous trips, dances, proms and plays.  Celebrating holidays with decorations, costumes, and fun foods were part of Mrs. B's way of making school feel more like home for students and staff. 
       Her retirement plans include a Master Gardner Degree from Rutgers, volunteer work, traveling and keeping connected with her many friends and former students.
       Mrs. B commented, "It's been a wonderful ride.  I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful memories."
    Gemma Willson 
    Gemma and students
       Retiring from Lenape after nearly 16 years, Mrs. Willson will always be remembered as a gentle, but powerful influence on students and staff.  She brought joy, easy smiles, music, a sense of fun and the ability to coax the best out of everyone. 
       Besides acting as a classroom asssitant, Mrs. Willson joined the students at Special Olympics, Social Recreation Program, Adaptive Physical Education Program, numerous trips, proms, dances, and special events. 
       Mrs. Willson said, "I loved being given the freedom to be creative and interactive with the students.  I loved having fun with the students and I really did enjoy my job."
       Retirement keeps Mrs. Willson busy taking care of grandchildren, traveling, singing, and visiting family around the world.  
    John Meeks
    Meeks and Willson
    After 31 years of helping, building, repairing, cleaning, sanitizing, and assisting students and staff, Mr. John Meeks retired from Lenape.  John was the person who would prioritize people's requests with promptness, genuine concern, and care.  His presence was calming and reassuring. Nothing was stoo big or too small for him.   As Mr. Meeks moved about the building, he greeted everyone and demonstrated a genuine interest in everyone's well being.  He was prompt and courteous in every respect and performed his various jobs with great ability and pride!  Reliable, helpful, respectful, and caring, John is missed by everyone who was met with his smile and courteous assistance.