French Honor Society Inducts New Members

  • French Club

    French Honor Society will be inducting 16 new members this month- bringing the total number of members at Lenape High School to a record 37 members. Twelve graduating members will be receiving cords to wear along with their cap and gown. 

    French Club

    In order to be inducted, members must maintain an "A" average in French throughout their time at Lenape.  Congratulations to the new members who are being inducted:

    Grace Adams, Ryan Bofahredin, Grace Boltz, Ryan Brennan, Olivia Chien, Chase Cristella, Jodie Lee, Abby Moynihan, Harris Ransom, Jordan Rogalski, Hadia Shaikh, Sammu Suryanarayanan, Colleen Sutton, Ricky Topiwala, Mary Wynne, and Sydney Yao. 

    It is regrettable that we can not have an induction ceremony, but we would like to congratulate the members nonetheless!  Felicitations a tous!