4-28-20 Seneca High School Commencement Ceremony Update Letter

  • Dear Parents and Members of the Class of 2020,

    The past month has been challenging for all of our students, but especially for you, our seniors, who have missed out on valued celebratory moments due to an interrupted senior year. This disappointment weighs heavily on our hearts and is always on our minds.  Please know Seneca High School looks forward to recognizing, acknowledging and celebrating all your efforts.  Each year, it is our honor to welcome hundreds of graduates to celebrate with their families, friends, and our school community at our Commencement Ceremony.

    Governor Murphy announced that schools would remain closed through May 15, at which time he would evaluate the possibility of returning to school. While we hope that we will be able to proceed with our scheduled Commencement Ceremonies in June, we know that our plans may change given how rapidly this public health crisis is evolving.  We have formed a graduation committee and are exploring several options for our seniors. We look forward to celebrating the achievements of the class of 2020 and will provide you with updates on your Commencement Ceremony as more information becomes available. 

    In regard to the Senior Prom, it is currently rescheduled for Friday, June 12th at the Please Touch Museum in Philly.  We will continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves and we have more information on holding our senior activities.

    We encourage you to stay focused and finish the semester with the same focus and dedication you have demonstrated in the past four years. Please take advantage of the online resources that your teachers and counselors have provided that will help you over the next several weeks.  Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and we hope to see you all soon.

    Remember, we are better together and will get through this together! 


    Jeff Spector
    Principal Seneca High School